le jour de la Saint-Valentin <3

A French Manicure Monday, Valentines edition.

Romantic inspiration from Paris. A place I long to visit, so romantic, so fashionable.

Step One: Start out with a basic French manicure. I always put a clear coat on before I paint anything to protect the nail. Today I used a frosty white color for the tip to give the nail a finished look. It had some sparkle in it for Valentines Day.

Step Two:

I love the idea of showing some Valentine Day spirit, but I am never one to go overboard with something too romantic or gaudy. I decided to put a heart on the ring finger of each hand. I found it easiest to start with 3 dots in the shape of a heart like below.

Step Three: Blend!! With the 3 dots on the nail already you will have access paint to move across the nail. Do not get more color, first spread what you have currently on the nail into a heart shape. If needed, you can get more polish. Make a rough sketch of a heart. Its ok if it doesn’t come out perfect, once it dries you can use a Qtip dipped in nail polish remover to fix the edges.

Step Four: Make sure heart and tips are completely dry on the nail before finishing. For the last step, i wanted to make my heart even more subtle. I added a pinky/nude clear color over the top to give it an old, vintage, romantic feel.

I love this look. It’s subtle, romantic and shows some Valentine spirit! Let me know if you try it out!



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