One-Sided Headband DIY

*My inspiration – This particular one-sided headband is by Laura Kranitz

Available for $48.30 at

What you need:

*An old necklace
*A headband that’s covered in some sort of fabric (the one I used was super cheap and came in a pack of three)

First step:

*Detach the side of the necklace that has the claw on it

*Now you’re left with the half of the necklace with the charms and the loop at the top

Step Two:

*Use a needle (or anything sharp) to create a hole in the fabric on the bottom, inside of the headband

Step Three:

*Open the loop at the top of necklace and thread it through the hole created with the needle (I had to leave the needle in while threading the loop through). Close the loop and you’re done!

This DIY was really simple and took less than 10 minutes to do. Plus, I used materials I already had around the house, so it was basically free : )

Send pics if you create your own one-sided headband!


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7 thoughts on “One-Sided Headband DIY

  1. very nice… Think I’m going to try this…

  2. Ginny Lou says:

    This is such a great and original idea! Pinning it…

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