Fun with Fake Tattoos

I’ve wanted a tattoo for awhile now, but I can never seem to bring myself to do it. However, my interest in tattoos has led me to accumulate an oddly large collection of temporary tattoos, ranging from ones I bought in vending machines for a quarter to ones I bought in toy stores to one that even came in a box of condoms and says, “Mama always told me to play safe.”

Yes, some of them can be childish or weird, but a lot of them can be used to add something different to an outfit or test out spots you may want to get tattoos in the future. I like to bust them out on weekends or if I’m going to a big event, such as a concert.

Urban Decay makes some cool ones that look like necklaces and come with different charms and chains, so you can customize it to your liking, and they have a video on the site showing you how to apply them correctly.

I found this website that has some that are a little more fashionable and a little less for a ten year old and they even have an option to create a custom tattoos.

I’m sure one day I’ll bite the bullet and get a real one, but until then I’m content with playing with fake ones : )



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