Manicure Monday – Spring Neons

Spring neons have inspired me to add some color to the basic french manicure.

Step One: Apply a clear coat. Let it dry completely.

Step two: Apply clear tape across the tip of your nail at the diagonal you wish the color to be.

Step three: paint the tips of your nail in whatever color you would like. Let dry completely before removing tape.

Step four: Once completely dry the tape can be removed. You can then remove any excess polish from the nail/ skin around the nail with a Q-tip dabbed in nail polish remover.

Step five: Apply the white tip on the opposite side. I would not lay down tape on the nail for this because it may take off polish that is currently on the nail. If you do not have a steady hand you can remove any mistakes with a Q-tip and nail polish remover.

This manicure is fun to wear and helps remind me that Spring is just around the corner!!

Let me know if you try it out!



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5 thoughts on “Manicure Monday – Spring Neons

  1. badbarbara says:

    super cute and simple! thanks for sharing!

  2. rompau30 says:

    really like it!! and it looks easy enough that I can actually do it haha thanks =]

  3. Cross5Star says:

    So cute! Totally gonna copy you!

  4. larooblog says:

    i can’t believe you did that yourself! amazing (and completely beyond my skill set)! :)

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