11 Days…Gradient Style

Gradient Style
Ombre and dip-dyed looks have been in style for a while now, whether it’s on your hair, on your clothes or on your nails; and I think it’s a great Spring look for casual outings. I like the idea of pairing ombre clothes with fringe accessories for a boho-chic look.
I’ve also rustled up a few DIYs for creating dip-dyed/ombre looks on your own. Enjoy!
Dip-Dyed Collared Shirt: How To Dip Dye A Shirt – Refinery29
Ombre Nails: Chictopia

I’m thinking I’ll chalk my hair at least once this Spring/Summer, and we’d love to see pictures if you try any of these!



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2 thoughts on “11 Days…Gradient Style

  1. Mia says:

    Love this ombre look! So bright, but a little more elegant and subdued than a lot of the more neon looks I have seen. Great!

  2. […] Don’t want to go permanent? You can easily add temporary color to your hair like the above photo! (see March 9th post…gradient style) […]

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