7 Days – Spring Roses and Red Lips

This year, various hues of red were popping up all over the runway. Ranging in deep shades, to orangey hues, lipsticks most iconic color is back in more than one way.


The question is, which shade is right for you?

Your skin tone can help lead you in the right direction.

If you have more of a golden tone, the best shade to start out with would be an orangey -red color. The orange can pick up undertones of your golden glow and really flatter your overall tone. If you have light skin stay away from the dark reds. I would steer more toward reds with a pinkish hue to bring out a flushed look. Those with olive skin tones should stick to shades that compliment their underlying color. A nice plum, or a slightly darker red is the place to start.

Tips: Make sure your lips are moisturized. Use a liner to keep the lipstick from bleeding. Do not outline your entire lip, just the top and bottom middle portion. Start small when applying the lipstick. You can always add more.

Don’t worry I have options for those who are not sure they want to go for the full on red lipstick experience yet. First start out with a gloss or a tinted balm. My favorite, Sugar Passion Lip Treatment. It’s a little on the expensive side, however I used it once and now I’m addicted. This treatment not only leaves a beautiful natural shade of red on your pout, it protects from UV damage, fights wrinkles, and ensures long lasting moisture! It’s perfect for your everyday wear. Try out different shades of gloss and balm, and bump up to lipstick for a night out!

No matter what color skin tone, or where your at in you stage of finding the right shade I believe everyone needs to try out a full on red lipstick. You may be surprised on how well it looks on you!



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