4 Days…Spring Pastels

Like every season brings a new color palette to nature, it also brings one to your wardrobe. Spring is know for its vibrant colors, and this year there are many to choose from. With all the eye catching colors this season ranging from neons to red, Spring has also included a softer side of nature with an assortment of pastels.

             Topshop $90                        AE 24.99                         Go Jane  $27.60

Pastels have shown up in not only apparel and accessories, but in make-up and hair as well.

Don’t want to go permanent? You can easily add temporary color to your hair like the above photo! (see March 9th post…gradient style)

A fresh face for spring is simple to accomplish with pastel purple eye’s and a soft pink hue on the lips. I love the subtle colors and how they can easily accentuate your features.

Pastels are fun and easy to mix and match with. They compliment each other as well as many different skin tones. Try adding pastels to your wardrobe this season!



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2 thoughts on “4 Days…Spring Pastels

  1. Paul says:

    I was notified via email about these posts. This is an amazing blog. I’m liking it so much!

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