Spring Cleaning

Today was my day off and of course, the weather has been rainy/cold all day, so I decided to get some Spring cleaning done and organize my jewelry.

Now, I would love to be able to buy something like this:

Available at Amazon.com for around $115

Or this:

Available at homedecorators.com for around $289

However, both are out of my price range at the moment, so I decided to do a bit of DIY organizing. Also, I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at this DIY from Martha Stewart (good ole Martha) for converting a vintage medicine cabinet into a jewelry cabinet, but I figure a vintage medicine cabinet may be hard to find/expensive.

To start off my day (only about an hour actually) of organizing, I took my set of branch hooks from Urban that were originally hanging on opposite walls as decoration and hung them next to each other to hang my necklaces on.

Next, I took a piece of ribbon with a velvety finish about a foot and a half in length and loosely tacked it to the wall to hang my earrings on. I’ll hopefully add another ribbon just below this one, but at the moment I don’t have too many large, dangly earrings.

Earring Organization

Together they make a pretty display that’s functional and shows off your jewelry. I want to keep adding more hooks and  things of different sizes to hang stuff on and have a whole wall devoted to displaying my jewelry and accessories. It definitely makes it easier putting an outfit together when everything is visible and not shoved in a box, and it keeps things from getting tangled.

Any tips on organizing jewelry?… I’d love to hear… I’m still clueless as to what I want to do with my bangles and rings and right now I just have all my bracelets in an old cigar box.



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