Killer Products – Mascara

Here at Bare Bones, we’re both a bit of makeup junkies and love testing out new products, especially when it comes to mascara. We know how disappointing it can be when you buy a new tube of mascara and it just doesn’t live up to the claims on the packaging, so here are a few of our favorite picks!

m’s Choice:

For awhile now, I have been using Maybelline Illegal Length. It goes on very smoothly, with very little clumps. As an added bonus it has micro fiber extensions that really grab on to your lashes and make them look longer! I was skeptical at first, but after using it the first time a noticed a difference. The fibers are like little extensions for your lashes! This mascara stays on all day no problem, with no smudging or running. I am really happy with it and will continue at purchase it at only $6 a tube available at most drug stores!

c’s Choice:

The most results I’ve ever seen from a mascara is from Benefit’s BAD gal Lash. This mascara is meant to create full, voluminous lashes, which it definitely does, and it gives some added length. However, at $19 a tube at Macy’s, it’s more of a “treat myself” kind of product.

When I don’t have the money to go for the BAD gal Lash, I’ve been leaning towards Neutrogena Healthy Lengths. It generally costs around $6-$8 at most drug stores. The reason I love this product is it’s meant to help stimulate growth in lashes while adding length with each application. Also, it goes on in a really smooth, shiny, extreme black color that really makes my eyes pop.

Bare Bones Mascara Tips:

1.) Start at the root of your lash line and wiggle the brush back while slowly moving towards the tips to coat every lash. This helps to reduce clumping while still getting maximum coverage.

2.) Curl your lashes! It opens up your eyes and makes you lashes look longer! Try blasting your eyelash curler under your hair dryer before curling for some extreme curl (just a second or two will do, you don’t want it to be too hot).

3.) Use just the tip of the mascara brush to apply mascara to lower lashes and to reach corner lashes if needed.

4.) Sometimes when going out, I will apply a coat of mascara on top of my lashes, then continue with my usual routine.

5.) Want something different for your lashes? Apply black mascara normally and then apply a blue or purple mascara to just the tips of the lashes for some extra pop.

Like we said, we’re makeup junkies, so if you have a favorite mascara you think we should know about, we’d love to hear it.


m and c

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3 thoughts on “Killer Products – Mascara

  1. envious of how you guys get the neutrogena line of makeup in your part of the world! in singapore we only have some of its skincare products heh. what eyelash curler are you guys using?

    • barexbones says:

      I didn’t start using Neutrogena products until recently but ever since, there are a few things by them I can’t live without. I never would have guessed that they weren’t available everywhere.

      As for my eyelash curler, I’m pretty loyal to my shu uemura one. It’s a little more expensive, but I’ve had mine for over a year now, so I think it’s worth it.

      If you want more curl, I highly recommend the tip (#2 above) we talked about with the hair dryer, it really makes a huge difference.


    • barexbones says:

      I use a Revlon eye lash curler. I bought it from a local drug store about a year ago and its still going strong! It was only about $3 and came with a refill. Another tip for extra curl, pump the curler a few times at the base of your eyelash, then a few times in the middle lash to really open up your eyes!

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