HBO’s new show “Girls” premiered last night, and it’s shaping up to be a younger, less glamorous girl’s Sex and the City (and I mean that in a good way). For me, Sex and the City did touch on subjects more realistically than most other shows about women, but a lot of it seemed over the top. Girls focuses on younger women living in New York City and deals with gritty topics, such as the economy, drugs, sex and even butt sex all in the first episode.

The show centers on Hannah (played by Lena Dunham, who also writes the show), a 24-year-old college graduate still living off her parents trying to fund her writing career and interning in NYC. In the opening scene, Hannah is at dinner with her parents who have decided they’re going to cut her off. That alone makes this show very relatable to many (like me) that are in similar situations after college. The show also introduces three other girls, all seeming to each have their individual quirks and each with different styles. I’m excited to see more from this show, not only because I can relate so much to what they’re going through, but also to see each girls’ style choices.

Hannah (center right above) looks like a typical Brooklynite, dressing in a mustard-yellow skirt, a button-down shirt, black tights and a scarf for most of the episode. Marnie (Allison Williams, far left above), Hannah’s slightly more straight-edge, lawyer roommate, has a chic, simple style wearing a thick-striped topped and jeans with just a few bracelets for their dinner party. Then there’s Jessa (Jemima Kirke, center left above), a free spirit, world traveler, who shows up from some time away wearing a hat, large scarf and high-rise, pleated pants carrying what looks like Louis Vuitton luggage. And finally, we have Jessa’s cousin (Zosia Mamet, far right above), who we don’t really see much of, but she does make some references to Sex and the City while wearing a pink track suit. In her short scene, she gives the impression that she’s a misfit who tries a little too hard to fit in.

Like Sex and the City, there’s a good mix of characters that I’m sure many different types of girls can relate to, but this show seems a little more honest and down-to-earth.  After watching the show, I feel a little better about my situation, knowing there are enough people out there going through the same thing that HBO would make a show about it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s had to suffer during these economic down times and pretty much anyone in their twenties.

Tune into HBO on Sundays at 10:30 to catch Girls and feel free to share your opinion!

Anyone watch the pilot last night and have anything to add? We’d love to hear.



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2 thoughts on “Girls

  1. oh i loved sex and the city. but then again it was more during my time. lol. i do hope that “girls” will grace the shores of australia soon :)

  2. barexbones says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sex and the City, too. This show just seems more realistic to me. And I’m sure you’ll get it over there soon enough :)

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