Be Conscious

Last night, I was finally able to shop and try on some of H&M’s Conscious Collection and was pleasantly surprised.

For those of you that don’t know, the Conscious Collection, according to their website, is clothing made from “conscious materials for a more sustainable fashion future.” In other words they’re producing clothes made from organic cottons, linens and recycled materials such as polyester and wool and many more. Also, according to their website, they’re doing more than just using environmentally-friendly materials such as donating clothes to charity, using less water in their denim production and “educating garment workers in Bangladesh on their rights.” If you’d like to learn more about H&M’s conscious collection go here.

H&M Conscious Collection

When I think of wearing organic and recycled materials, I basically picture myself in a burlap sac or a dress that feels like canvas. With this collection, that was not at all the case. The clothes were soft, on trend and all at very reasonable prices! In fact, if you’re into the mint green and pastels that are trending, I would recommend going here. I tried on an adorable A-line dress in mint with a pink/beige belt included and loved how it fit and how soft it was. And they have a pair of crochet shorts on the website that I would have loved to try on and probably purchase. Unfortunately, they weren’t available at the store I shopped.
Also, available on H&M’s website, they have a few pieces for the Conscious Collection that are a little more fashion forward.
I’m always looking for ways to improve my carbon footprint, so if shopping at H&M for cute, affordable, comfortable clothes is a way to do so, I’m all in. To shop the collection go here.
What do you think of H&M’s Conscious Collection? Would you wear these looks to promote “sustainable style?”
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One thought on “Be Conscious

  1. Ooh! Am loving the luscious and vibrant colors and interesting folds!!

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