Manicure Monday – Healthy Nails

I am at constant battle with my nails and trying to grow them out to be long and healthy. However, it seems like every time I think I’ve started to achieve healthy nails they immediately all start to break and peel and then I’m back at square one with awful looking nails/cuticles.  Today, I finally went a little youtube crazy and watched a ton of videos on healthy nails and found two that brought up points I think might actually help that I haven’t really heard before. I found the below photo on Pinterest and not only do I love the polish, but the length/shape/condition of those nails is how I eventually want mine to look on a regular basis.



If you’re struggling with your nails as badly as I am, I highly recommend watching both of these videos. The main tips I took away from them and my new nail regime is going to include:

  • Taking a hair/nails vitamin that contains Biotin. I’ve heard this helps and have been tempted to buy them before, but I’ve never really believed it would make that much of a difference. I’m going to put it to the test though and start taking them as soon as I have time to stop and pick up a bottle.
  • I’m going to put down the cuticle clippers. I’ve always figured that if I trimmed my cuticles, I wouldn’t bite them, but I still bite them and they still are always peeling and a lot of times bleeding (which in turn affects nail growth).
  • Applying cuticle oil and a hand moisturizer every time I put on lip balm and every night before bed. I used to only apply it whenever I painted my nails which was once every week or so.
  • When applying nail polish, I will leave a small gap to let my cuticle breathe.
  • Instead of cleaning underneath my nails with a toothpick, I will invest in a nail brush and gently scrub them.
  • I will take the time to gently file my nails once a week just after showering.
  • I will apply a nail moisturizer underneath polish and on top of it, instead of using just a basic base/top coat.
  • I already use Seche Vite as a top coat, but it’s something I’m going to continue using because I truly feel it’s the best top coat out there to help a manicure last.

I will put all of these tips to the test and hopefully have an update in a few weeks with beautiful healthy nails. I’m sure it will be a bit of a struggle, and I think for the next week I’m going to just paint my nails with a moisturizer and forget about polish to give them a healthy jump start.

Do any of you struggle with unhealthy nails? Have you tried any of these tips? What other tips do you have for achieving long, healthy nails?

I would love to hear anything you might have to add!



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