Simple Tattoos

I’ve wanted a tattoo for quite some time now, but have never worked up the courage to do it. I love the look of just a simple tattoo, in a location that sorta makes the viewer do a double take to make sure they’re actually seeing a tattoo. It reads as more feminine and pretty to me than someone covered in tattoos (not saying that a person covered in tattoos can’t be feminine or pretty). I think for my first tattoo I’ll end up doing a small shape in all black to ease my way into the tattoo world.



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11 thoughts on “Simple Tattoos

  1. If done properly, they are extreme sexy. You may want to consider a temporary one to verify where, what, how big or small, and how happy you would be with that choice. Over all, ” it’s your thing, do whatcha wanna do”!

    • barexbones says:

      I’m right there with you on doing a temporary one first. I know a girl that does henna tattoos, so I’ll probably have that done before I go for anything permanent. Deciding on what to get done is the hard part for me, though I do have a few things in mind. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. great post! i hope u do something meaningful :))

  3. Lol!!! true just make sure u won’t regret it and don’t get something stupid like “yolo” haha i still can’t believe people actually do that , like Zack Efron and that girl from teen mom

  4. I’ve wanted a tattoo since December, but I’m afraid I just want it because it’s a “trend.” They’re so pretty though!

    • barexbones says:

      Tattoos have been around forever, so I don’t really consider them a trend. Yes, they are growing in popularity and sort of becoming the norm for younger generations, but if there’s something you want and could see yourself liking years down the road, I say do it! That’s why I’m in love with these small, simple ones, they seem less likely to be regretted later in life. And if it’s something you find meaningful now, you shouldn’t regret it later in life, you should appreciate the sentiment it brought you when you got it.

      Do you know what you want to get?

      • I want to get a small diamond on the inside of my wrist. It’s a reminder that everything I do now will help me achieve my goals in the future and the nice life I want: success, happiness, etc. I’m convincing some of my friends to get the same tattoo who basically have similar dreams as me. Even if my thoughts change in the future, I feel like I would still look back at my tattoo thinking “Oh I wanted this when I was 19, good times”

        My only concern is that my wrist is a pretty obvious place, I like it being more discreet. Although it is pretty on the wrist.

      • barexbones says:

        I think that’s cute! I’ve actually been considering my wrist too. I figure I can just throw a bracelet or watch on to cover it up, if needed. I think you should go for it whether your friends do or not : )

      • Yea definitely, I just thought it would be cute to have matching tattoos hahaha. I’ll give it some more time though, thanks!

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