Birds of a Feather

When M and I were commenting on all the Spring trends earlier this year, I purposely left one out because I didn’t think I’d ever wear it. However, now that I’m seeing it pop up more and more in stores, it’s beginning to grow on me.

It seems as though every year or so a new animal becomes the “in” animal. This year it’s the birds’ turn to shine (again). They’re popping up everywhere, in prints, on jewelry, even in home decor. I must admit they’re great for days when you’re going for a cute, pretty, almost vintage look.

I’m usually more inclined to wear things with rabbits on them, since they’ve always been my favorite animal, but I’m enjoying the birds lately and wouldn’t mind giving them a try. I would love to wear the cropped shirt with a pair of beat up boyfriend shorts and my Steve Madden western boots, and the earrings above are freaking adorable. As for the shower caddy, what a cute way to jazz up something that’s usually pretty boring.

Are any of you into this bird trend? Or would you rather stick to a different animal?



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2 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. I really like these dresses! Today i wore a peter pan color dress with little birds! super cute!

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