Frayed Denim & Lacy Textiles

What you’ll need:

1.) A lace fabric (I used an old, lacy hand me down blouse)

2.) Pair of old denim jeans

3.) Razor knife or box cutter

4.) Cardboard

5.) Sandpaper

( pins/chalk to mark and hold down the fabric in place )

Start off by cutting your old jeans into a new pair of shorts (see Easy Boyfriend Short DIY here)

After your shorts are made, you can apply the lace! There are many fun ways to add the lace to your shorts. I decided to start by covering one of the back pockets.

Cover the pocket with more than necessary fabric to ensure you will have enough. You can then either pin down the fabric or hold it place while you sew it onto to the outline of the pocket. Make sure you don’t sew the pocket shut! After the fabric is securely sewn down, cut off any excess fabric you have around the edges.

I then decided to add a little something to the front, using the same procedure as the back. This was a little tricky with all the twists and turns so it might take you some time, be patient. Again, make sure you do not sew your pocket shut! You will probably need some extra fabric for the front because the fabric will stretch when you put on the shorts. I think it is best to put on your shorts, then hold the fabric up marking with chalk where you will need to pin down and then sew the lacy fabric.

Where ever you would like to apply the fabric just make sure to cut an excess amount, pin it down tracing the outline of the area, sew on the short following your pattern, and then cut off any remaining fabric.

To add some extra fray with a natural worn out look, Free People has the best tutorial and it works extremely well.

This DIY overall is fairly easy, but takes some patience and can be a little time consuming. However the ending results look great and its an awesome way to dress up a pair of old jeans!

Let me know if you try it out!



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