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Nasty Gal Giveaway: What Would You Do With A $10,000 Gift Card?

Sigh, yet another giveaway we hesitate to share.

Nasty Gal is giving away a $10,000 gift card to one lucky winner. And seeing as Nasty Gal is fucking awesome, we’d love to win this one. As with any sweepstakes, we couldn’t help but dream about what we’d do with the winnings, so we’ve each decided to put together a list of what our first purchase would consist of.

c’s choices:

Nasty Gal Giveaway

$88 –
2. Slip dress
$128 –

3. Neon Circle Shades
$40 –

4. Heart ring
$35 –
$88 –
$100 –
I was originally only going to choose 5 things, but there is just so much I want on their site. These are the first few items that popped out at me and only total $537. This giveaway is crazy! They aren’t joking when they say “dressed for life.”
m’s choices:
 $48/$38 –
$38 –

$58 –
 $245 –
$48 –
I am in love with almost everything on Nasty Gal and winning the giveaway would pretty much be the coolest thing ever! It would also allow me to buy those $245 crochet shorts! My total came out to only $475 so I will have plenty of extra to spend on the rest of the items I am dreaming of!
m & c
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