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Manicure Monday – Healthy Nails

I am at constant battle with my nails and trying to grow them out to be long and healthy. However, it seems like every time I think I’ve started to achieve healthy nails they immediately all start to break and peel and then I’m back at square one with awful looking nails/cuticles.  Today, I finally went a little youtube crazy and watched a ton of videos on healthy nails and found two that brought up points I think might actually help that I haven’t really heard before. I found the below photo on Pinterest and not only do I love the polish, but the length/shape/condition of those nails is how I eventually want mine to look on a regular basis.

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Killer Products – Frizz Fighters

m’s choice:

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Ever Straight Flat Iron Spray

Even though it isn’t specifically a frizz fighter, it does exactly what I need. The spray includes Brazilian coconut oil and keratin proteins that seal and protect your locks. The avocado oils and cocoa butter smooth and tame those wild fly-aways without weighing down your hair. It keeps volume in my hair and doesn’t add that extra crunch or weight that gels do. I spray it on dry hair before I leave the house and it leaves my hairs smelling like coconuts all day!

c’s choice:

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Killer Products – Mascara

Here at Bare Bones, we’re both a bit of makeup junkies and love testing out new products, especially when it comes to mascara. We know how disappointing it can be when you buy a new tube of mascara and it just doesn’t live up to the claims on the packaging, so here are a few of our favorite picks!

m’s Choice:

For awhile now, I have been using Maybelline Illegal Length. It goes on very smoothly, with very little clumps. As an added bonus it has micro fiber extensions that really grab on to your lashes and make them look longer! I was skeptical at first, but after using it the first time a noticed a difference. The fibers are like little extensions for your lashes! This mascara stays on all day no problem, with no smudging or running. I am really happy with it and will continue at purchase it at only $6 a tube available at most drug stores!

c’s Choice:

The most results I’ve ever seen from a mascara is from Benefit’s BAD gal Lash. This mascara is meant to create full, voluminous lashes, which it definitely does, and it gives some added length. However, at $19 a tube at Macy’s, it’s more of a “treat myself” kind of product.

When I don’t have the money to go for the BAD gal Lash, I’ve been leaning towards Neutrogena Healthy Lengths. It generally costs around $6-$8 at most drug stores. The reason I love this product is it’s meant to help stimulate growth in lashes while adding length with each application. Also, it goes on in a really smooth, shiny, extreme black color that really makes my eyes pop.

Bare Bones Mascara Tips:
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4 Days…Spring Pastels

Like every season brings a new color palette to nature, it also brings one to your wardrobe. Spring is know for its vibrant colors, and this year there are many to choose from. With all the eye catching colors this season ranging from neons to red, Spring has also included a softer side of nature with an assortment of pastels.

             Topshop $90                        AE 24.99                         Go Jane  $27.60

Pastels have shown up in not only apparel and accessories, but in make-up and hair as well.

Don’t want to go permanent? You can easily add temporary color to your hair like the above photo! (see March 9th post…gradient style)

A fresh face for spring is simple to accomplish with pastel purple eye’s and a soft pink hue on the lips. I love the subtle colors and how they can easily accentuate your features.

Pastels are fun and easy to mix and match with. They compliment each other as well as many different skin tones. Try adding pastels to your wardrobe this season!



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le jour de la Saint-Valentin <3

A French Manicure Monday, Valentines edition.

Romantic inspiration from Paris. A place I long to visit, so romantic, so fashionable.

Step One: Start out with a basic French manicure. I always put a clear coat on before I paint anything to protect the nail. Today I used a frosty white color for the tip to give the nail a finished look. It had some sparkle in it for Valentines Day.

Step Two:

I love the idea of showing some Valentine Day spirit, but I am never one to go overboard with something too romantic or gaudy. I decided to put a heart on the ring finger of each hand. I found it easiest to start with 3 dots in the shape of a heart like below.

Step Three: Blend!! With the 3 dots on the nail already you will have access paint to move across the nail. Do not get more color, first spread what you have currently on the nail into a heart shape. If needed, you can get more polish. Make a rough sketch of a heart. Its ok if it doesn’t come out perfect, once it dries you can use a Qtip dipped in nail polish remover to fix the edges.

Step Four: Make sure heart and tips are completely dry on the nail before finishing. For the last step, i wanted to make my heart even more subtle. I added a pinky/nude clear color over the top to give it an old, vintage, romantic feel.

I love this look. It’s subtle, romantic and shows some Valentine spirit! Let me know if you try it out!



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