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<3 Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell

Wildfox and Jeffrey Campbell teamed up to offer a limited collection of shoes and of course, they are freaking awesome. I would definitely rock the sky-high, ballet platforms, and I’d totally die for the “Sergeant Pepper” combat boots! Now, if only I could afford them…

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Repeat Offender

Lately I’ve been trying to organize my closet and have noticed a lot of repeats in my selections. For example, my collection of 6 wayfarer sunglasses above, which doesn’t even include the countless other pairs (at least 6 more) of wayfarers that I’ve lost or broken over the years. I also realized that I have 7 shirts with skulls on them, 12 pairs of black boots, 4 grey purses of similar shapes, and 5 silver, studded bracelets. And whenever I go shopping, I find I’m still drawn to all of these items even though I already own so many of them. I’m starting to feel as though I’m stuck in a rut. Or should I look at it as just being part of what makes me “me” or as part of my everyday style?

What do you think? Do you buy repeats of stuff? Or would you recommend me branching out?



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That’s so 90’s?

What wasn’t awesome about the 90’s? With Third Eye Blind, overalls and Fresh Prince, growing up in the 90’s was pretty much “da bomb!” I totally confess to rocking the Jansport, stirrup pants, and collecting every Beanie Baby ever made! However, while browsing the interweb at work today, I came across this little gem from CG blog that took me back to the good ‘ole days….ChEck It OuT.

What I couldn’t help but notice was that fact that these “don’t even go there” trends from the 90’s seem to be making a reappearance this Spring, however not exactly in the same way as before.


White, colored and pastel jeans oh my!

military/motorcycle boot

Even though the trends of today are a little different than the way they were in the 90’s, I think it’s fun to see the way history tends to repeat itself. What was your favorite thing from the 90’s?




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