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Frayed Denim & Lacy Textiles

What you’ll need:

1.) A lace fabric (I used an old, lacy hand me down blouse)

2.) Pair of old denim jeans

3.) Razor knife or box cutter

4.) Cardboard

5.) Sandpaper

( pins/chalk to mark and hold down the fabric in place )

Start off by cutting your old jeans into a new pair of shorts (see Easy Boyfriend Short DIY here)
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Coachella – Festival Fashion

A few things are necessary when attending an all weekend music festival: 1.) water (a must)  2.) sunglasses (my current crave below) and 3.) stylish attire! (another absolute must!)

Round, rimless animal print sunnies from Urban Outfitters – $14.00

While browsing the internet, (and dreaming about being at Coachella), I came across many fashion envious items that I had to share with you.

*all images link to source*

Booties, hot shorts, hi-low skirts, tribal shapes, animal prints, cross-bodies, studs and lace galore! I really love each of these outfits and there is no doubt about it that I would wear any and all of them! Even though Coachella is sold out for the year, I plan to keep the inspired fashion from it rocking hard!



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12 Days…Buy Me These.

From floral patterns and tribal prints, to color blocking and neon’s, the Spring 2012 runway has a lot of options to offer this year. Below are some items I have compiled that scream Spring with their eye popping colors and patterns. So when you have a moment….BUY ME THESE!

Steve Madden – Starrrr Blue Velvet – $169.95

For all 7 Mankind – The Skinny Second Skin Legging – $189.00

Mesa Knit Shorts – Nasty Gal – $38.00

Rocas Carpet Crossbody – Free People – $68.00

Hayworth Tap shorts – Nasty Gal – $48.00

Charlotte RusseРNeon top 2 Fer dress  Р$24.99



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Happy Leap Day Everyone!

Sigh…I hesitate to post this because I don’t want to lower my own chances of winning, but I figured I’d share this giveaway that Free People is doing in honor of Leap Day.

They just ask you a few questions about which “girl” of theirs best represents your style and you’re eligible to win some great accessories from them. Good luck!



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