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Happy Spring!

It’s official, today is the first day of Spring. We’ve been counting down for the past couple of weeks, so we could not be more excited that it’s finally here! We wanted to do a little recap of everything Spring we’ve commented on to make it easy for us all to get our Spring style right.

Spring Fashion:





Layered Neutrals

Floral Prints

Athletic Chic Style


Spring Shopping

Spring Beauty:

Hot Mess Hair

Exaggerated Cat Eyes

Red Lips

Neon French Manicure

And of course we can’t forget our Spring playlist! Now that we’ve covered all the basics to Spring style, we’ll hopefully be getting some posts up about how we apply these looks to our own style.

What look are you most excited to try? Are there any that you’d rather not see on people? Let us know!


m and c.

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Manicure Monday – Spring Neons

Spring neons have inspired me to add some color to the basic french manicure.

Step One: Apply a clear coat. Let it dry completely.

Step two: Apply clear tape across the tip of your nail at the diagonal you wish the color to be.

Step three: paint the tips of your nail in whatever color you would like. Let dry completely before removing tape.

Step four: Once completely dry the tape can be removed. You can then remove any excess polish from the nail/ skin around the nail with a Q-tip dabbed in nail polish remover.

Step five: Apply the white tip on the opposite side. I would not lay down tape on the nail for this because it may take off polish that is currently on the nail. If you do not have a steady hand you can remove any mistakes with a Q-tip and nail polish remover.

This manicure is fun to wear and helps remind me that Spring is just around the corner!!

Let me know if you try it out!



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le jour de la Saint-Valentin <3

A French Manicure Monday, Valentines edition.

Romantic inspiration from Paris. A place I long to visit, so romantic, so fashionable.

Step One: Start out with a basic French manicure. I always put a clear coat on before I paint anything to protect the nail. Today I used a frosty white color for the tip to give the nail a finished look. It had some sparkle in it for Valentines Day.

Step Two:

I love the idea of showing some Valentine Day spirit, but I am never one to go overboard with something too romantic or gaudy. I decided to put a heart on the ring finger of each hand. I found it easiest to start with 3 dots in the shape of a heart like below.

Step Three: Blend!! With the 3 dots on the nail already you will have access paint to move across the nail. Do not get more color, first spread what you have currently on the nail into a heart shape. If needed, you can get more polish. Make a rough sketch of a heart. Its ok if it doesn’t come out perfect, once it dries you can use a Qtip dipped in nail polish remover to fix the edges.

Step Four: Make sure heart and tips are completely dry on the nail before finishing. For the last step, i wanted to make my heart even more subtle. I added a pinky/nude clear color over the top to give it an old, vintage, romantic feel.

I love this look. It’s subtle, romantic and shows some Valentine spirit! Let me know if you try it out!



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