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Buy Me These!

I’m in the market for a new handbag for Spring/Summer, but it’s hard to choose one considering I like the current one I have so much.

I bought the bag below a little over a year ago from Urban Outfitters and am in love with it. I’ve been using it on and off for the past year and it’s still available on their site in grey, black and white and I definitely recommend it. It’s remained in great condition and goes with just about everything in my closet. However, I get bored easily and want to change it up every now and then, so I need another everyday handbag (possibly even 2) that I’ll love just as much as my UO one.

7 Chi Pyramid Studded Tote – UrbanOutfitters.com $79

I’ve been eying a lot fringe bags lately including the Plaza Slouchy Zippered Hobo Bag by Gentle Fawn available over at 80spurple.com. It comes in black or tan and I’d probably go with the tan. Also, it looks like it’d be a good size for an everyday handbag, not small, but not exactly an overnight bag.

The next bag I’ve been considering is by Imoshion. The bag itself is a little bit louder than what I’d usually go for but I like it and I really like Imoshion. They use all vegan materials, which to me is always a bonus. And I’ve bought the brand before, so I trust them for good quality. The bag has lots of compartments and comes with a free matching makeup bag and detachable blue tassel keychain!

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11 Days…Gradient Style

Gradient Style
Ombre and dip-dyed looks have been in style for a while now, whether it’s on your hair, on your clothes or on your nails; and I think it’s a great Spring look for casual outings. I like the idea of pairing ombre clothes with fringe accessories for a boho-chic look.
I’ve also rustled up a few DIYs for creating dip-dyed/ombre looks on your own. Enjoy!
Dip-Dyed Collared Shirt: How To Dip Dye A Shirt – Refinery29
Ombre Nails: Chictopia

I’m thinking I’ll chalk my hair at least once this Spring/Summer, and we’d love to see pictures if you try any of these!



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