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Craving the Beach…

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Happy Spring!

It’s official, today is the first day of Spring. We’ve been counting down for the past couple of weeks, so we could not be more excited that it’s finally here! We wanted to do a little recap of everything Spring we’ve commented on to make it easy for us all to get our Spring style right.

Spring Fashion:





Layered Neutrals

Floral Prints

Athletic Chic Style


Spring Shopping

Spring Beauty:

Hot Mess Hair

Exaggerated Cat Eyes

Red Lips

Neon French Manicure

And of course we can’t forget our Spring playlist! Now that we’ve covered all the basics to Spring style, we’ll hopefully be getting some posts up about how we apply these looks to our own style.

What look are you most excited to try? Are there any that you’d rather not see on people? Let us know!


m and c.

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1 Day…Hot Mess Hair

Spring is the season for natural beauty and minimalism. So what’s better than an effortless hair style that looks like you just came back from a day outdoors to match?

The relaxed hair style looks simple and elegant at the same time. So how do you achieve this just came back from the beach look? From curling, twisting, scrunching, and braiding there are many ways to reach your desired wave.

Living in Florida, this is my go to hair style. My hair has some curl to it so in order to tone it down a bit, I use argan oil. It’s a little heavier than mouse which helps tone down fly aways. It also has some great benefits to protect and nourish your strands. I put the oil in after I get out of the shower in a scrunching motion, then let it air dry. I also like to pull it half way up in a clip to give it some added volume.

Another way to instantly add a little wave to dry, straight hair? Try throwing your hair into a lose braid starting at the nape of your neck. After that, run a straight iron across the braid to get an instant wavy look.

Pull your hair into a messy bun for an instant, romantic feel.

I love this look because of the minimal effort that comes along with it. It’s great for an easy everyday look or even a night out!



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4 Days…Spring Pastels

Like every season brings a new color palette to nature, it also brings one to your wardrobe. Spring is know for its vibrant colors, and this year there are many to choose from. With all the eye catching colors this season ranging from neons to red, Spring has also included a softer side of nature with an assortment of pastels.

             Topshop $90                        AE 24.99                         Go Jane  $27.60

Pastels have shown up in not only apparel and accessories, but in make-up and hair as well.

Don’t want to go permanent? You can easily add temporary color to your hair like the above photo! (see March 9th post…gradient style)

A fresh face for spring is simple to accomplish with pastel purple eye’s and a soft pink hue on the lips. I love the subtle colors and how they can easily accentuate your features.

Pastels are fun and easy to mix and match with. They compliment each other as well as many different skin tones. Try adding pastels to your wardrobe this season!



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Braided Spring Hair

I know it’s only February, but I’m more than ready for spring and decided to test out a braided updo.

*My inspiration – A model at the Spring 2012 Valentino show (photos not mine)

To get a similar look:

1. I started by dividing my hair into three separate sections horizontally.

2. Then dutch braid across the first section (A dutch braid is the same as a french braid except you go under with each section instead of over). I pulled at my braid when I was finished to loosen it up and give it more volume.

3. Repeat step two on the second section of your, except this time have the braid go in the opposite direction and then continue on to the third section with that braid going the same direction as the first braid.

4. Once you have your three braids completed you’ll have to pin each one around your head and tuck the ends of each braid under. I had to play around with them a bit to get them in spots that I liked.

My finished product definitely isn’t as perfect as the Valentino model’s, but I sorta like that mine’s a little messy and uneven.

You may want to solicit a friend to help you out with this look. It was a little awkward trying to braid around the back of my head, and I had to take breaks between each braid because my arms were tired. But I definitely think this style is worth it, and I got a ton of compliments on it.

Let me know if you try it out!



p.s. Please, excuse my ugly, grey t-shirt.

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