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Streets of Paris

The streets of Paris are not only filled with beautiful architecture and breath taking sites, it also is a fashion bloggers haven to some amazing fashion. Like any big city, there is plenty of great fashion to go around, however Paris seems to bring on its own sense of character. Maybe it’s the vision of nearly every Parisian flaunting a perfectly knotted scarf or just being in a whole new country, but the street fashion in Paris definitely has something that kept my interest.

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Photos de mon voyage 2

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À Bientôt Paris!

I am so excited to be traveling to Paris next week. Below are some French inspired images from around the internet. Don’t worry, I will return with lots to share!

soo excited!



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Craving the Beach…

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Photos from my week

My past weekend was filled with motorcycles, the beach and Black Lips. Took some pics along the way so I wanted to share…Hope you enjoy!

The whole trip was so much fun, and if you haven’t heard of the Black Lips you should definitely check them out!

Photos taken by myself and Brandon Rau!



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