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<3 Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell

Wildfox and Jeffrey Campbell teamed up to offer a limited collection of shoes and of course, they are freaking awesome. I would definitely rock the sky-high, ballet platforms, and I’d totally die for the “Sergeant Pepper” combat boots! Now, if only I could afford them…

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Repeat Offender

Lately I’ve been trying to organize my closet and have noticed a lot of repeats in my selections. For example, my collection of 6 wayfarer sunglasses above, which doesn’t even include the countless other pairs (at least 6 more) of wayfarers that I’ve lost or broken over the years. I also realized that I have 7 shirts with skulls on them, 12 pairs of black boots, 4 grey purses of similar shapes, and 5 silver, studded bracelets. And whenever I go shopping, I find I’m still drawn to all of these items even though I already own so many of them. I’m starting to feel as though I’m stuck in a rut. Or should I look at it as just being part of what makes me “me” or as part of my everyday style?

What do you think? Do you buy repeats of stuff? Or would you recommend me branching out?



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Nasty Gal Giveaway: What Would You Do With A $10,000 Gift Card?

Sigh, yet another giveaway we hesitate to share.

Nasty Gal is giving away a $10,000 gift card to one lucky winner. And seeing as Nasty Gal is fucking awesome, we’d love to win this one. As with any sweepstakes, we couldn’t help but dream about what we’d do with the winnings, so we’ve each decided to put together a list of what our first purchase would consist of.

c’s choices:

Nasty Gal Giveaway

$88 – nastygal.com
2. Slip dress
$128 – nastygal.com

3. Neon Circle Shades
$40 – nastygal.com

4. Heart ring
$35 – nastygal.com
$88 – nastygal.com
$100 – nastygal.com
I was originally only going to choose 5 things, but there is just so much I want on their site. These are the first few items that popped out at me and only total $537. This giveaway is crazy! They aren’t joking when they say “dressed for life.”
m’s choices:
 $48/$38 – nastygal.com
$38 – nastygal.com

$58 – nastygal.com
 $245 – nastygal.com
$48 – nastygal.com
I am in love with almost everything on Nasty Gal and winning the giveaway would pretty much be the coolest thing ever! It would also allow me to buy those $245 crochet shorts! My total came out to only $475 so I will have plenty of extra to spend on the rest of the items I am dreaming of!
m & c
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Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Cinco De Mayo

I’m loving the idea of wearing tribal prints and neons for Cinco De Mayo this year. The combination of the two seems like the perfect attire for a fiesta filled with margaritas and tequila shots. I plan to wear my tribal print mini with a neon orange tee and some beige wedges.

Grilled chicken fajitas are one of my favorite meals and margaritas are one of my favorite alcoholic drinks, so I’ve always enjoyed Cinco De Mayo. When drinking margaritas, I like to keep it simple and on the rocks, and my favorite recipes always consist of adding Grand Marnier. I’ve found I really like this recipe and if you’re into margaritas, you should definitely check it out!

Hope you all have a very Happy Cinco De Mayo and of course, stay safe!



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Be Conscious

Last night, I was finally able to shop and try on some of H&M’s Conscious Collection and was pleasantly surprised.

For those of you that don’t know, the Conscious Collection, according to their website, is clothing made from “conscious materials for a more sustainable fashion future.” In other words they’re producing clothes made from organic cottons, linens and recycled materials such as polyester and wool and many more. Also, according to their website, they’re doing more than just using environmentally-friendly materials such as donating clothes to charity, using less water in their denim production and “educating garment workers in Bangladesh on their rights.” If you’d like to learn more about H&M’s conscious collection go here.

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Killer Products – Frizz Fighters

m’s choice:

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Ever Straight Flat Iron Spray

Even though it isn’t specifically a frizz fighter, it does exactly what I need. The spray includes Brazilian coconut oil and keratin proteins that seal and protect your locks. The avocado oils and cocoa butter smooth and tame those wild fly-aways without weighing down your hair. It keeps volume in my hair and doesn’t add that extra crunch or weight that gels do. I spray it on dry hair before I leave the house and it leaves my hairs smelling like coconuts all day!

c’s choice:

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Craving the Beach…

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