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She Was An American Girl

With a weekend full of BBQ’s and the unofficial kick off of summer,  what’s a better way to show some love for our country and our troops than rocking some red, white and blue!

 Support our troops and those who fought for our county by flashing some flag this weekend! I wish you all a fun and safe Memorial Day!



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Streets of Paris

The streets of Paris are not only filled with beautiful architecture and breath taking sites, it also is a fashion bloggers haven to some amazing fashion. Like any big city, there is plenty of great fashion to go around, however Paris seems to bring on its own sense of character. Maybe it’s the vision of nearly every Parisian flaunting a perfectly knotted scarf or just being in a whole new country, but the street fashion in Paris definitely has something that kept my interest.

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Just hanging at Louis place…

I’m backkkkk! France was absolutely breath taking! I’m pretty sure I am in love with the place ( I think the mass amount of pictures I took can prove this..447 to be exact). I visited both Bourges and Paris while away. Both cities have so much to see and I cannot wait to go back!

While staying in Paris we also took a day trip over to the Palace of Versailles. The chateau is the prior residence of Louis the 14th and Marie Antoinette, and it is giant! Louis’ place not only has a front gate made out of gold, but a view of endless gardens you could get lost in for days. We visited the chateau on Sunday May 13th, however who knew that the very next day Karl Lagerfeld would be debuting his 2013 Cruise line in the same place! The interesting part of the new Chanel line is not the expected reference to Marie Antoinette, but to Madame du Barry, a mistress of Louis XIV, who he’d dress up in men’s clothing.

Below are both photos from my trip and the amazing 2013 Chanel Cruise line. Enjoy!

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Click here for more from the 2013 Chanel Cruise show at Versailles



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Bon Voyage M!

M leaves for France today and I could not be more excited for her. I am also extremely jealous, seeing as I have never left this continent. However, I’m sure she will return with much to share about her Parisian adventures and with many photos.

I would just like to wish her safe travels and hopes she has an incredible time!



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Getting Closer!

I think this song is really beautiful. I really enjoy French music actually. I discovered this song a few years ago however thought it was suiting. Hope you enjoy!



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